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Guide to ​Edible Plants 
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There is an abundance of nutritious plants that are packed with vitamins and minerals right in your back yard.  Those pesky and troublesome weeds to most people, are actually full of flavor and can add to your daily food intake and suppliment your nutrition.  Due to commercialization, much of our instincts on foraging free food has been lost or forgotten.  It is very convenient to venture to the grocery store, but why would you with today's economy and the vast availablilty of FREE food?  Wild lettuce and berries are prime examples.   The store foods are often less nutrutional because they are bred to be more appealing.  By the time these products reach the supermarkets, let alone our dinner tables, the "fresh food" has dwindled to almost no value for your immune system.

As long as you identify them properly and know what part of the plant is usable, they are safe to eat.

A little knowledge about wild food could provide food on your table and SAVE YOU MONEY!
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